How long have you been in business?

Since 2015 we've been providing photo-booth fun in the GTA for mainly weddings for family and friends. Demand and popularity quickly grew through word-of-mouth. We now take on all social gatherings, birthday parties and even supporting larger companies with their marketing efforts to increase brand recognition.

What brands have you worked with?

Click HERE to see some of the brands we've partnered with for coporate events, holiday parties and marketing campaigns. We work closely to create custom templates and to ensure we follow strict brand guidlines to meet and exceed our client expectations.

How long does it take to setup and tear down?

We arrive 30 mins prior to the start time to ensure we are up and running by the agreed upon time.This includes setting up the backdrop, photo-booth, props and printer to make sure your event runs flawless without a hitch. It takes another 30 mins to tear down the booth.

What do you need for setup?

We require an electrical outlet and a table for props. If a table cannot be provided, please let us know so we can supply our own. We also require a minimum floor space of 6 ft x 6 ft.

Is there a travel fee?

Generally speaking, locations within the GTA is free. We charge $100 for any venue location greater than 45 kms by google maps from 100 City Centre Dr Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9. This fee includes a roundtrip and goes towards our workers and gas. We will notify you prior to booking if any travel fees are required.

What are unlimited photo sessions?

Unlimited means that you and your guests have full access to the photobooth while we are on site. This means you have unlimited turns and can enjoy the booth as many times as you like. However, depending on your choice of printouts some conditons apply: For 2" x 6" printouts, each guest will recive one copy per turn. For 4" x 6" printouts, a maximum of only 2 copies will be provided per turn. Even if the number of particpants in one turn is greater than 2. This is because 4" x 6" are larger printouts that take more time and resources to print. But if you prefer to each guest receiving their own individual 4" x 6" printout, we provide this option for $150.

How long does your booth take to print?

We can print two 2" x 6" photos in under 10 seconds. One 4" x 6" photo will also print in under 10 seconds. Printouts dries instantly.

Do you accept credit cards?

Our preferred method of payment is cash, cheques and email money transfers. We are equipped to take credit card payments but there is an additional 3% surcharge. This goes towards the cost of the payment platform.

Do we have to use props?

No, our wide variety of props are complimentary. You can opt not to use props if that's what you prefer.

Can you print black and white photos?

Absolutely! Black and white (with or without props) is a great choice for a timeless and elegant look for any occasion.

What's going on with COVID-19?

Please click HERE to read more details regarding our policy on COVID-19. Thank you.